Who We Are

HNI International's efforts to provide the perfect solution for each of its clients has been rewarded by strong and ongoing relationships with many worldwide customers. Some of these are:

AMC Theatres, Japan
Bank of New York, Singapore
BMW, Thailand
Caterpillar, Singapore
Duty Free Shops, Guam
Ericksen, China
FedEx, Philippines
General Electric China
NCR, Hong Kong
Northwest Airlines, Japan
Sun Microsystems, Malaysia
U.S. Embassy, China
WaterFront Towers, Trinidad
Puerto Rico Convention Center
Universidad de Puerto Rico -         Rio Piedras, Mayaguez, Aguadilla & Ponce
V Suarez - Puerto Rico
Autoridad de Energia Electrica (AEE) - Puerto Rico
FCIB, Barbados
COSVI - Puerto Rico
Departamento de Educacion - Puerto Rico
RBTT, Trinidad, Tobago & St. Vincent
UDeCOTT, Trinidad
COSVI, Puerto Rico
Autridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AAA) - Puerto Rico
Clico, Barbados


Central America
Lloyds Bank, Honduras
MasterCard, Guatemala
TACA Airlines, El Salvador
U.S. Embassy, Nicaragua
Wells Fargo Bank
AMC Theatres, Spain
American Express, United Kingdom
Eli Lilly, Ireland
Kodak, Russia
Merant, Australia, France
Merant, United Kingdom
Reader's Digest, England
American Express
Goodyear Tire Co.
M&M Mars
Santander Bank
Wells Fargo Bank
Middle East/Africa
Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Kuwait University, Kuwait
Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait
Microsoft, Egypt
South America
PDVSA, Venezuela
Australian Embassy, Chile
Mobil Oil, Venezuela
Telesur, Venezuela
Pennzoil, Bolivia

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